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2010 Cluff-Essig improvisation mp3 - 2010

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 Jen Cluff's two short mp3s of two modern orchestral flute tone colour samples below....

Here are the two farthest spectrums of flute tone colour samples in one piece of music; brilliante vs. wooden-or-bamboo flute. They are taken from an orchestral performance a couple of years ago of a modern percussion concerto.

1. Sample ONE 
This is one of my flute cadenzas taken from a full symphony orchestra concert of modern music, recorded live. The flute starts with a dark and moody middle register, and ascends to a brilliant high A3 which then has to diminuendo. I call this "brilliante" playing in general. It is helped by the fact that the high register tone colours typical of "ff" playing are brilliant sounding naturally (good flute writing!). Just for fun listen to how our other two flutists interupt the descending double tongued cadenza with jet whistles which is a clever bit of lighthearted orchestration! :>)

2. Sample TWO [woodflute]

 In the same piece as above, I then made my silver flute substitute for a wooden flute called for in the score. Since we could not find one fast enough for the performance that played at A440 I chose to play it on silver flute using a masking tape "mute" over 1/3rd of the blow hole, with the headjoint pushed all the way in to bring the pitch up again. I was trying to match the fast vibrato of a Japanese or eastern sounding bamboo flute. Note endings are stiff to blow upward, but of course, one can fix this in preparation.

 See how to make a masking tape mute to create bamboo flute sounds here on my blog.

These performances are on an Altus 1007 with original headjoint. The following samples were played with a Nagahara headjoint on Altus 1107 which is a richer, more complex tone colour series. Listen to:
 Fluteloops Radio Show Number Nine - Imitating the 16 flutes of Sir James Galway using two flutes.
Galway's Youtube video linked at the above page also, so you can see and hear the 16 flutes that he owns.

 For MORE of Jennifer Cluff's playing,  listen and watch at youtube to Jen's lessons and performances, or listen to [404 Not Found] where excerpts of various concerts are linked to conversations about stagefright and its cures.

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