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How do I find strange or rare flute sheetmusic by composer, keyword, title?

First, check all the usual places:

and other flute sheetmusic specialty shops and various other flute related businesses

see listings here

For correct spellings, and/or additional flute solo repertoire titles check flute repertoire lists here.


If your flute piece's title happens to be a piece for flute & orchestra or other ensemble, check:

Online links to catalogues:

Kalmus Scores & Parts

Theodore Presser Publishers (rentals)

Luck's Music Publishers (rentals)

J.W. Pepper Music Rentals


Also check flute repertoire lists for flute-band, flute-orch publishers here.



Still no luck?

Personally, I always start the search with either or but if still having no luck finding a rare or out-of-print title after all google searches have failed, I try and get more information (publisher's name etc) from the the National Flute Association sheetmusic library. Here's how:
Go to:

[404 Not Found]

Scroll down and see:
"Online Library Search

The NFA Music Collection is located at the University of Arizona Music Library in Tucson, Arizona. The catalog for this Collection is available for online viewing and searching through the University of Arizona's online catalog.


Additiional description of how you search NFA (and not whole Arizona library.):

When you arrive at the above link, and have scrolled down, about half a page, and look for the "How to search this library" instruction paragraph. Read the instructions, and follow the instruction to:
Click here ,

Clck on it. Arrive at the Arizona catalogue (you're not in the NFA flute library yet.)
Then, on the N.F.A Collection link, click on FIND while the default setting of black type saying "NFA Collection" is showing in the right hand box. This gets you into the flute-only section of recording and flute music.

Then, after you see all the "A" titles of flute pieces, you can use the search for real, by clicking on the Limit/Sort button at the top of the page to search by keyword, author, subject, or title. "
At the link they give you called:
CLICK HERE, click!

At the page you come to, press SEARCH where it says:
Title; NFA Libary.

This will bring you to the NFA libary listings starting at "A".
Use the same search fields to change to keyword, author etc and to enter the exact search terms or words.
Re-read the above quote to assure yourself you're doing the search correctly. There are steps to entering the NFA library holdings as outlined above.

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