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Online Flute Repertoire lists for University level flutists:

University repertoire lists for performance majors:


Orchestral Flute Parts online for purchase:

Full orchestral flute parts:

1. Little Piper Press at is a website from which SOME orchestral flute parts can be ordered inexpensively. Some question about number of errata.

2. The Orchestra Musician's CD-ROM Volumes 1 to 5. Orchestral Parts for Flute 1, 2, & piccolo on CD-rom (over 500 orchestral parts in full.)

From: Hal Leonard [404 Not Found]

3. Complete flute parts from most typical orchestral repertoire can be found at:

4. Kalmus First Flute parts are available at

Also see: List of flute orchestral excerpt books.


Repertoire for high school flutists that come before "The French Composers Book"

Question: Can you suggest some flute repertoire that would fit between the 36 Repertoire Pieces by Donald Peck (Faure's Berceuse, Godard's Allegretto etc.) and The French Composer's Book by Schirmer? There seems to be a bit of a gap there where some new titles would be helpful to me as a teacher.

Answer:In the Canadian flute exam system, the pieces you are looking for would be grade 7-9, in order to prepare the student to go from Godard's Idylle (grade 8) to Faure's Fantasie (grade 10).
There are plenty of good works both accompanied and unaccompanied that prepare the student for the French Composer's book. Some suggested repertoire at this preperation level would be:

- Gaubert Madrigal
- Gaubert Three Pieces [Romance, Berceuse, Sur L'Eau] - Published by Masters Music
- Debussy Syrinx
- Ravel Piece en Forme de Habanera
- Ibert Aria
- Massenet Meditation from Thais
- Georges Barrere Nocturne
- Galway Ed: Three Nocturnes (Field/Boulanger/Chopin)
- Saint-Saens Romance
- Faure Morceau de Concours
- Louis Moyse Pastorale
- Honegger Danse de la Chevre
- Reineke  Ballade
- Roussel Krishna and M. de al Pejaudie
- Mouquet La Flute de Pan "Pan et les Bergers"
- Caplet Reverie et Petite Valse
- Busser Les Cygnes et les Ecureuils
- Ferroud Trois Pieces (first two mvmts.)

Other styles:
- Doppler Flote im Salon [Op. 15-17]  - Zimmerman
- Doppler Hungarian Pastorale Fantasy (omit middle section if desired for less experienced players)
- Miyagi The Sea in Springtime
- Trevor Wye's "A First Latin American Album"
- Koechlin 14 Pieces pour flute et piano

- Michael C. Baker Sonata for Flute and Piano (1975)
- Samuel Barber Canzone
- Bernard Heiden Sonatina
- John Rutter Suite Antique
- Ernest Bloch Suite Modale (mvmts. 1 to 3)

VARIATIONS: ( for learning fast finger work)
- Chopin Variations on a Theme by Rossini
- Morlacchi - The Swiss Shepherd
- Briccaldi - Carnival of Venice [Note: Ransom Wilson edition is easier than other editions].
- Kuhlau Fantasies 1-3.....etc.


- Flute Music of the Baroque book by Schirmer (Tartini/Platti/Vivaldi/Gretry/Pepusch/Frederick the Great etc.)
- Vivaldi (Chedeville) Il Pastor Fido No. 6
- Handel Sonatas
- Leclair Sonatas
- Telemann Sonatas
- Telemann Fantasias
- Blavet Sonatas
- Pergolesi Concerto in G Major (mvmts. II and III)

More challenging Baroque:
- Marais Les Folies D'Espagnes
- Bach Sonatas
- Quantz Sonatas

From the London College of Music Grade 7 repertoire list you will also find French and Contemporary works by:
ARNOLD 1st movt, Allegro from Sonatina (Lengnick/Elkin)
BANTOCK Pagan Poem (Stainer & Bell)
BAX No. 1, Shadow Dance from Four Pieces (Chappell)
BERKELEY, L 1st movt. OR 3rd movt. from Sonatina
(Schott OFB1040/MDS)
BUTTERWORTH Aubade from Contemporary Music for Flute
(Boosey & Hawkes)
CHAMINADE Serªnade aux Etoiles, Op.142 (Enoch/UMP)
LAMB 2nd movt, Adagio from Sonata for Flute and Piano
(Boosey & Hawkes)
LLOYD WEBBER, W Allegretto piacevole, from Sonatina in
D (Peters edition 1676)
POULENC 2nd movt, Cantilena, from Sonata (Chester/Music
RICHARDSON 3rd movt, Allegro vivace from Sonatina for
Flute and Piano (Weinberger)


From the ABRSM grade 6 to 7 exam lists you will also find:

Mark Goddard Flutata: 2nd movt, Andante; from 'Flute
Fundae; (Spartan Press SP506)

Cecilia McDowall A Russian Encounter: no.2 from 'Soundtracks' (Hunt Edition HE51/Spartan Press)

Colin Matthews Little Pavane  Unbeaten Tracks for Flute (Faber)

Bozza Aria

Dave Heath Gentle Dreams and Shiraz
(Camden Music CM113/Spartan Press)

Hindemith Acht St"cke f"r Fl"te allein: nos.7 and 8.
Rezitativ and Finale
(Schott 4760/M.D.S.)

Paul Reade Sun Dance and Lament: nos.4 and 6 from
'Aspects of a Landscape'
(Hunt Edition HE31/Spartan Press)
To comment:

I think that often in the U.S. solo and ensemble classes there are a lack of choice in their graded repertoire lists, and often the younger flutists are put onto the French Composers book far too soon.

It's great when teachers research pedagogical lists of repertoire and prepare their students well for entering the upper levels of flute playing with attractive and shorter repertoire that introduces advanced flute techniques in a more approachable manner.

The National Flute Association Pedagogical Committee did a great job with their small handbook of repertoire, with the grade-levels well worked out.
Their handbook is only $5 from the NFA-online website.
From the NFA repertoire booklet's Level "F to H" you'll find that they include many of the above titles from the Canadian flute exam system as well as:

Bantok Pagan Poem
McCaskill/Gilliam Petite Suite
Nielsen The Fog is Lifting
Ridout Concertino
Rogers Soliloquy
Roussel Aria
Faure Piece
Feld Petite Caprice
Kohler Berceuse

Arnold Sonatina (selected mvmts.)
Aubert Madrigal
Bennett Summer Music
Bozza Aria
Corigliano Voyage
Del Tredici Acrostic Song from Final Alice
La Montaine Come Into My Garden
Rodrigo Aria Antigua
Vaughn Williams Suite de Ballet

Boehm Elegy
Boulanger D'un Matin de Printemps
Camus Chanson et Badinerie
Dello Joio Suite; The Developing Flutist
Erb Music for Mother Bear
Gilliam Sentience
Harty In Ireland
Muczynski Three Preludes
Papineau-Couture J'aime les Tierces Mineures

Also see:

NFA Intermediate flute repertoire suggestions from "Please, Not the Chaminade AGAIN!" article

Have fun checking out all this repertoire for your students.
Jen Cluff :>)
Flute teacher/Canada

Alto/Bass Flute Repertoire lists online:

1. ALRY Alto/Bass Flute catalogue 50% off closing sale 2011:

Go to:
Scroll to page 11 and find "Alto & Bass Flute"
Grades: I, II, III, IV

Notes: Great descriptions of pieces. Some look to be quite fun and
interesting. :>)


 Fluteworld Alto/Bass Flute repertoire

from  04/05 Catalogue; graded; order catalogue at
Catagory NO. 37
Alto & Bass Flute (with or without piano)

Go to:

Click on left hand column: Flute Music

Look for:
Please select a flute music category:
Click on:
Solos with/without accompaniment

Click on:
Alto & Bass Flute

Note: No descriptions given of pieces in catalogue (unlike Alry),
but can be quite helpful over phone.
Check for 'most commonly ordered Alto/Bass Solos when making


 Just Flutes; Graded list of lots of alto flute repertoire:

When you arrive:
Scroll down and choose ALTO FLUTE.

Other Alto/bass flute repertoire lists:


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Contemporary-New Age pieces for solo alto flute & piano:

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