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So sorry; many of these webpages were created before youtube was invented. Hard to believe, but most, below, are from 2007 and many have moved or are no longer online.(2019)


  • Listen to sound samples of professional flutists

Sorry these links may be out of date as they are from 2007.

Listening to samples of professional Flutists online:

Using Google:
Search for a flutist's full name plus CD or "youtube" on


Examples: (in no particular order):
William Bennett
James Galway
Emmanuel Pahud
Lorna McGhee
Paula Robison
Jeanne Baxtresser
Ask every flute player you meet who they love to listen to and make your own list of discovery. :>)


Searching lists of Flute Players:

To find the home pages of many professional flutists google the name of the flutist to find their sound samples.

Feel like playing along?

Remember too that besides regular listening CDs, additionally, some great flutists such as Paula Robison, Robert Stallman, Julius Baker, Jeffrey Zook etc. also have CD-playalong repertoire books in "Music Minus One" catalogues, and also listed for sale in at Fluteworld U.S.), Topwind and Justflutes (U.K.)

Look for CD-accompaniment flute music albums.

I also have listed some great flute playalong CD-music sets at: Favourite repertoire


This online radio program features young fluteplayers under 21. Exciting recorded performances with audience and host.

Flute videos online for viewing 


James Galway's Texas 2007 Masterclass and Youtube videos of
"James Galway at 50"
including Boston Pops Excerpts
Go to:


Flute videos to purchase online:

THINKING  CREATIVELY: A Breath of Fresh Air with Robert Dick".   On this 57  minute VHS cassette I speak about how to recognize inspiration and  how to work with it to create.  Using examples from my work, I show how the initial ideas were born and how they were followed up on to create pieces of music.  There's also playing - a demonstration of the "Glissando Headjoint" and a complete performance of the "Piece in Gamelan Style". To order, please contact MMB Music at 1 800 543-3771 or
Price is $29.95 plus shipping.

Jen's rating: EXCELLENT!!! THRILLING! Full demos of extended
techniques used creatively.

Also by Robert Dick, new, April 2005:

A 3-DVD set featuring Robert Dick performing and giving detailed instructions on the study and performance of his "Flying Lessons" -- a set of 6 etudes centering on extended techniques for flute. This was a collaborative effort among three entities: Robert Dick, and the School of Music and the New Media Center at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.

Look for availability of this new DVD and veiw video clips on Robert Dick's website.

Trevor Wye's Flutes Fantastic
Trevor Wye performs multitudes of variations on Carnival of Venice.
(Heard some good reviews on other flute discussion groups. All sorts of ethnic flutes demo'd)

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Marcel Moyse masterclass videos:
(featuring Chris Potter/Carol Wincenc etc.)
Also available using Interlibrary Loan at your public library.

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Yamaha Living Legend video tape; Julius Baker

Search using google for retailers of the above video.

Other Galway videos:
"Mozart Flute and Harp Concerto"
with Dudley Moore, host. (EXCELLENT!) Buy at Amazon or other large store, or look on Youtube.

Other Galway appearances on TV/film, see:


Amy Porter study video of the 30 Caprices by Karg Elert.

An excellent study guide for the Karg-Elert.


Jim Walker videos may exist: inquire at:

Blab from webpage: Recently Jim has been the choice of several guitarists to join them on their recordings. Lee Ritenour and Dave Grusin had Jim play on two cuts by Manual DaFalla on their "TWO WORLDS" CD.A live concert video is currently being played on the Bravo and Arts & Entertainment Cable services.

Jean Pierre Rampal

CBC television broadcasts on DVD at Amazon in which Rampal performs various Baroque and Classical repertoire in black and white, as part of a recital series for TV.

Suite for Flute & Jazz Piano Trio [DVD]
Claude Bolling/Jean-Pierre Rampal
(note: apparently soundtrack is dubbed back in)

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