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Great Flute Links:

For a very complete explanation of "How to Practice the Flute" for college flute majors, including musical samples of how to redesign and rethink the flute skills you're working on:

Leonard Garrison's 'How to Practice' articles

2014 New Garrison Webpage.

How many hours a day should you practice?

An amazingly good article on improving fastest in less hours with more focus.

James Galway's 2007 Masterclass VIDEOS

Headjoint exercises, tone, scales, handouts, mp3s for further study

How to practice the Flute at Advanced level

(site is called Flutekeys "wetpaint")

  Thoughts on Practicing by Schuring

Excellent oboe article on what practicing really and truly *is*; and why the 'right way to practice' saves time and focuses performance. All advice works on flute except oboe-reed suggestions. :>)

Piccolo articles by Nicola Mazzanti  -now a book (2016)


Jen's advice on how to practice flute.

Basic Flute Technique Book (free)

For a free downloadable book of intermediate flute technique; warm ups, scales, trill charts, extended technique symbols, daily exercises and special help with all aspects of flute playing

Go to:

Lindholm's manual is in four parts. The first has one octave and two octave scales, Blues scale, chromatic scale etc. Part two has patterns to use as daily scale exercises (uses your brain and trains your fingers!) lip flexibility exercises, and Parts three has tone exercises, octave and third patterns, tonguing, multiple tonguing and vibrato. Part four has both trill and basic fingering charts. All four parts print out as 41 pages that can be hole punched and put in a binder. Help yourself: Lindholm is a smart flute teacher and very generous. :>)

For flute fingerings; piccolo fingerings; trills and alternate fingerings the most complete guide for printing out and putting on your music stand is:

Best Flute & Piccolo fingering, alternates, top octave, trill & tremelo charts

The Virtual Flute has every possible fingering in the known universe (for advanced flutists):

For flute history and links to interesting readings: 

Flute history ~ Ardal Powell

For a free catalogue of all flute CDs, accessories and sheet music for flute (a HUGE resource) order a catalogue to be mailed out to you from: Fluteworld

For a complete, fully graded flute sheet music catalogue with an easy search engine go to:

Just Flutes in the U.K.

Music Theory

Links to Jen Cluff's free flute articles:

Articles on this site for college/university flutists

Articles on this site for Intermediate flutists

Articles on this site for beginners & novices

Jen's Favourite flute repertoire

The Flutenet Yahoo discussion group for your flutey questions

Index of all Jen's flute articles

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