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Specific articles on Tone, Embouchure, Posture, Fingers, Technique , all on "how to" play the flute for intermediates.

General articles for intermediate flutists

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General articles for intermediate flute players

Flute stuff on the Internet

  • Jen's free pdfs for Practicing Flute - Free flute scales, low and high longtones and scale-arpeggios (3rds, 2nds, 7th chords) all in printable pdfs. Have fun!

    1. Longtones: Overblowing harmonics pdf practice pages

    2. Scales for flute: links to three books of scale and arpeggio pdfs at bottom of my scales blog post: here

    3. Faster fingers: Trills, Chromatics - pdf practice pages

  • I'm thinking of buying a flute. Is there information online?

Flute Lesson Information

Wow, I didn't know that about the flute!

  • What level is my flute playing at? A chart that compares Canadian Conservatory grades, Fluteworld sheetmusic levels, British Flute Exams, National Flute Association Repertoire Levels, and tells you what skills are being learned at each level.

Flutist's hands and fingers

Rehearsing & Performing Issues:

  • Ensemble Deportment How does one best behave in a rehearsing ensemble in order to get invited back again?

Specific articles for intermediate Flutists:

Developing Flute Tone

Tips on Tonguing

Tips on Flute Tuning

Breathing & Posture


Flute Technique

Highschoolers headed for professional flute careers

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