Jennifer Cluff ~ Fluteloops no. 10

Interview with pianist, teacher and author, James Boyk

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Fluteloops Radio Show 10 An interview with James Boyk, performing Pianist and author of "To Hear Ourselves as Others Hear Us". January 2008

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January 2008 ~ Both Fluteloops Ten & Eleven are approximately ten minutes in listening time each (9 MB mp3), and they feature a discussion with Pianist James Boyk, ideas from his book "To Hear Ourselves" about using recording to practise efficiently and with greater musicality, plus some great flute CD excerpts. All CDs used for this show are linked below, in the program notes.

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(part 2 of the James Boyk interview is available now!)

Program notes for Fluteloops 10

Flute CDs that are excerpted in the show:

Lorna McGhee's Canada New Works for Flute and Harp opens the show with an alto flute slow air, and ends the Cluff-Boyk conversation segment with a spirited "Woofin the Cat" stomperoo. :>)

The Flutists of the Leipzig Flute Ensemble: Quintessenz from their "Tour de France" CD perform Debussy's Suite Bergamask. The excerpt that closes this Fluteloops show is entitled "Passepied".

Program highlights:

0-35 Opening selection: Woofin' the Cat by Cameron Wilson, played by Lorna McGhee (flute) & Heidi Krutzen (harp).

36-2:28 Jen's Intro: speaking about outlining and self-recording to create fulfilling and expedient practise sessions. Introduces pianist and author James Boyk.

2:29-3:02 Jen plays opening of the Chaminade Concertino to demonstrate "Outlining."

3:03-8:17 Conversation with author of "To Hear Ourselves as Others Hear Us", Pianist  James Boyk.

8:18-9:14 Woofin' the Cat by Cameron Wilson, played by Lorna McGhee (flute) & Heidi Krutzen (harp)

9:15-9:57 Closing remarks

9:58 The Flute Quintet, Quintessenz plays Debussy's "Suite Bergamask" from their CD "Tour de France".

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