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Canadian Flutist and Teacher

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Or are you buying pdf sheetmusic or books from Jen?

 Jen earns less than $5000 per year. Would you like to help her out by donating to help her with her flutey lifestyle choices? :>)

 If so, click on the button and follow the Paypal instructions to give a gift. Alternately you can choose a gift certificate if you prefer. I *love* gift certificates. Wowza! :>D

Thankyou thankyou thankyou (says Jen)


Would you like to give a hand-picked Gift Certificate?

Jen really likes: Fluteworld, JustFlutes, or Amazon, or the Canadian Amazon for flutey books and CDs and also, Sheet Music Plus. Thankyou for phoning in or emailing a gift certificate for me!  I truly appreciate it!



What does my donation help with?

  • $10  Every little bit helps build a flute mp3 library!

  • $15  buys Jen a whole CD of flute music! Thankyou!

  • $20 buys some excellent new flute sheetmusic! GREAT!

  • $25  buys buys a new book of sheet music for flute!

  • $30  buys a book of play-along flute music.

  • $40  buys Jen a  new flute textbook; reviewing good ones on my blog..
  • $50 helps all around (I'm perpetually thankful for these!)

  • $100 is amazing and keeps my faith in humanity! I can use it to help pay for my annual flute repairs on my instrument.

  • more than $100 really truly helps everyone around me as well. Thank you so much!

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