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What level of flute playing do I need to achieve for University Performance programmes?

I need tips on practicing flute at the advanced levels of flute playing:

  • Intensive Summer Practicing by Jonathan Brahms. A student's question about how to produce a great deal of flute work over the summer. (reprinted here with author's permission.) 
  • Flute related reading list A great summer reading list, or great flute books. Also a list of advanced method books for flute practicing with description of each book.

How do I train myself to perform well as a soloist or ensemble member?

  • Ensemble Deportment How does one best behave in a rehearsing ensemble in order to get invited back again?

Advice from the Flute Experts

  • James Galway's masterclass; embouchure exercise to avoid "smiley embouchure" and to allow flexibility of lower and upper lips. Also full report and links to sound files of this class.

Wow, I didn't know that about the flute!

If you ever lead a band class, you may have to answer these questions from younger players:

  • Best flute equipment stands, metronomes, tuners, swabs, flutes by brandname, music folders, dictionary, etc.
  • What level is my flute playing at? A chart that compares Canadian Conservatory grades, Fluteworld sheetmusic levels, British Flute Exams, National Flute Association Repertoire Levels, and tells you what skills are being learned at each level.

Where do I find great flute related stuff on the internet?

Teaching the Flute


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